Reporting Requirements

Under Title 19, the phrase “arrival of a vessel” is defined as, “that time when the vessel first comes to rest, whether at anchor or at a dock, in any harbor within the Customs territory of the U.S.”  19 C.F.R. § 4.0(f).  Thus, boaters who are simply crossing international waters, without any intent to anchor or land in the U.S., do not have an affirmative reporting obligation under Title 19 of the customs regulations (19 CFR 4.2).  A similar result is reached under Title 8.  8 CFR 235.1(g) provides that ,“Persons aboard a vessel which has crossed the international boundary between the United States and Canada and who do not intend to land in the United States, other than at a staffed port-of-entry, are not required to be in possession of Form I-68,  Canadian Border Boat Landing Permit, or evidence of enrollment in an Alternative Inspections program merely because they have crossed the international boundary.”  Thus, recreational boaters from Canada who are simply boating in U.S. waters with no intention to land, dock or anchor, do not have an obligation to report their arrival pursuant to Title 19, or to report for inspection or carry an I-68 permit, etc., pursuant to Title 8, although they may still be subject to inspection.